In the age of science and technology the traditional knives are still being used by the housewives or cooks. But they realize the matter of changing their attitude as they have just learned about new modern and best fixed blade knife. Now they dream of being professional in their cooking job and the housewives can hope for getting comfort in their kitchen works for the family cooking. In the past they used the traditional knives which were sharp but hard to apply or slice meats, fishes and vegetables as well. So I think they should learn the difference of these knives from below :
1.      Safety reason : The traditional knives were too much sharp and also durable but risky. Because when cooks used to apply pressure on meats or fishes unfortunately they had to cut. They used to face cut, injury many time in cooking jobs to slice or cut the raw or cooked things. In this reason the best electric knife is safe for them because its sharp blades are only sharp when they are being used to slice. You also won’t need any pressure or strength to slice or curve anything.
2.      High durable sharp blades : If you work with the traditional knife you may lost is sharpness. You have to make it sharp several times in the middle of the work while slicing meats and fishes. But the blades of electric knife have very sharp and twist also which vibrate with the help of an electric motor. If you push on button then you will realize the power of its sharpness. The blades are 7.5 inch in size and both of them move together to cut or slice fishes, vegetables and meats. 
3.      Massive working ability : With the best electric knives you can do a lot of kitchen works at a time. It is very smooth and easy to operate for you so you can slice and curve very easily. It has electric blades that keeps sharpen all the time to slice meats, fishes and many more things you need. But the traditional knife could only give you the work the service of slicing or curving and if had wished to do hurry then you could have fallen in risk. It might cause cut or wound in your hand or finger with its blades if you were needed to finish massive works. 4.    Battery Backup & Cleaning : If you use traditional knife then you need to make it clean, sharp, even have no batter power backup. But in the best electric knife you are getting all types of best working backup with its battery power. You won’t need to connect it with the electricity all the time. If you wish to use in your personal room for slicing breeds or fruits then you can use the battery backup and get your job done easily. You should not need to sharpen the blades of best electric knife as it is needed for the traditional knives.
Deference between Electric knives and Traditional knives
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